Greetings from Mascotte Group!

Mascotte IT Innovatives is the national security company with too many satisfied customers in Pakistan; especially in Karachi. Our approach is to make security simple and transparent. At the end of the day, security isn’t about the hardware; it’s about delivering peace of mind that fits your lifestyle. When you want to talk with us, a real, live person answers the phone. There is no automated attendant system to navigate. Most of the time when you need us, you need us “right now.” That’s why we offer same-day service at all of our locations. #MascotteITI #Group #VideoSurveillance #DigitalVideo

Awards and Recognition against 24/7 Services to our Clients

Mascotte IT Innovatives (MITI) has been recognized for our outstanding corporate security solutions in Pakistan, marvelous products, 24/7 customer service to their corporate clients, and proficient installation quality. Other Home & Business security companies in Pakistan in simple terms cannot claim these various, highly eminent honors and recognition!

Cost-Effective Security Solutions for Small & Medium Enterprise

If you’re looking for an outstanding superiority highly dependable, lucrative home & business security solution, you’ve located it with Mascotte IT Innovatives (MITI)! Sudden trouble can strike your business at any time, including both in-house and peripheral theft. Don’t leave your Home & Business defenseless and exposed for another day! Help protect your Home & Business today with a modern security solution of MITI!